Sorabh Pant Stand up Comedy 2021

Sourabh pant is India’s top rated and one of the leading stand up comedian. He started working as a writer for television and then took off stand up comic art after meeting with Vir Das.

Recently described on the most brilliant Indian stand up comic, Saurabh kind to consume the last drop of his entertaining syrup to make people laugh with all 32 teeths out. “Pant on fire” was his first solo comedy special and staged in various cities in India. “Born on Mars” is the latest show and will guarantee to steer the laughing car on funniest track.

He has performed over 100 shows in multiple cities across world wide as well as hundreds of Corporate shows. Besiding apart feom the stand up comic was not enough, he is also a great writer and released novels -the Wednesday soul, under Delhi and Pawan the flying accountant.

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