Sneh Desai Seminar

sneh desai seminar

Sneh desai is a well mannered, aspirants life coach and magician of words. If any individual wants to know their strength, efficiency and possibilities, then Sneh desai is perfect person who has deep understanding and knowledge of psychology and spirituality.Sneh desai had these extra ordinary magnifying qualities from the age of 9.

Desai dreamed to become world’s top most peak performance coach and he reached that destination at 12, when he obtained the degree of Microsoft certified professionals.That was not a certain destination, sneh desai obtained Phd in medicine and business management.

Sneh desai has been serving motivational speeches as a motivational guru to millions of peoples regarding peak and valley of life.He has founder and director of ‘sneh world’ also which has been conducting workshops and seminars for desired peoples to displaced them from anxiety, depression and stressed environment.

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