Manish Tyagi Stand Up Comedy 2021

Manish Tyagi One of the most respected comic, Ex-Naval commander, TEDx speaker who took-up stand up comedy at the age of 48 after retiring from a career and really rocked it. Engraving a new career in his strength and becoming so successful in the competitive groups, speakes content about the men.

Manish Tyagi have spanned 23 years as a naval officer in Navy. He decided to become a stand-up comic & to do something intresting after post retirement. Manish gives this whole credit to his daughter and said she is my greatest inspiration. Now Manish is well known comic icon throghout. His video ‘Le kaun raha hai be’ picked up million of view in just seven months.

He is a corporate trainer & motivational speaker also having truckloads of experience and stories from his life and background, strikes inspiring and revolutionary impact on youth. He has performed solo at multiple places across india and abroad. His facebook page and youtube channel has already touched millions of people.

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