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Open Mic in Kochi

Allmumbaidelhibengaluruhyderabadahmedabadchennaipunekolkatakochi Kochi Open Mic come and join us in our all genre open mic – Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Poetry. register and book your Open Mic event .

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Open Mic in Kolkata

Allmumbaidelhibengaluruhyderabadahmedabadchennaipunekolkatakochi Kolkata Open Mic come and join us in our all genre open mic – Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Poetry. register and book your Open Mic event .

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Open Mic in Pune

Allmumbaidelhibengaluruhyderabadahmedabadchennaipunekolkatakochi Pune Open Mic come and join us in our all genre open mic – Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Poetry. register and book your Open Mic event .

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Open Mic in Chennai

Allmumbaidelhibengaluruhyderabadahmedabadchennaipunekolkatakochi Chennai Open Mic come and join us in our all genre open mic – Music, Storytelling, Comedy, Poetry. register and book your Open Mic event .

robin sharma seminar

Robin Sharma Seminar

Robin Sharma World’s top leaders, Robin sharma having everest position among them. Robin sharma is a Canadian writer. He has the ability to sharp peoples of an organization or individual also towards their goals and targets by delivering his thoughts and speeches which are very uncommonly original. By following his electrify thoughts many organizations are providing superb results. Many of world’s top brands have been selected sharma for their important

sneh desai seminar

Sneh Desai Seminar

Sneh desai is a well mannered, aspirants life coach and magician of words. If any individual wants to know their strength, efficiency and possibilities, then Sneh desai is perfect person who has deep understanding and knowledge of psychology and spirituality.Sneh desai had these extra ordinary magnifying qualities from the age of 9. Desai dreamed to become world’s top most peak performance coach and he reached that destination at 12, when

rahul kapoor seminar

Rahul Kapoor Seminar

Rahul Kapoor is a highly energized indian motivational speaker who fulfilled with a visibility and objectives to assist peoples acro1 the globe to ignite and elaborate their inner powers. He believes that achievement’s result matter. Rahul Kapoor implements of high energy level and defensible presence of mind to impact adverse lessons in the most pleasant manner.He has been conducting over a thousands programmers for peoples of all row and meaning

ujjwal patni seminar

Ujjwal Patni Seminar

Ujjwal Patni is eminent motivational author and also esteem business coach. His motivational videos and programmes have helped individuals to find calibration in business and as well as life. Due to their dynamic speeches, patni possess million strong community. He well balanced his community and clients by providing a very popular show ‘ The  ujjwal patni show’ on social media and various online plateforms. They helps persons to stay connected.Ujjwal

Simerjeet Singh Seminar

Simerjeet Singh Seminar

Simerjeet singh is a experienced and Very fine polished motivational speaker. A little bit about singh is that he obtained degree in hotel management and started their career in the hospatility industry for bring up and growing them. Simerjeet singh was growing professionally but evolved personally during his travelling and understanding across the globe with very great minds. He realized the value of hard work and lessons. These imparts and

shiv khera seminar

Shiv Khera Seminar

Shiv Khera is a great Indian author and dynamic personality. He is a great educator, famous business consultant and much more. A person may possesses some quality but here is Mr. Khera having extra ordinary qualities. He wrote many of wonderful books and You Can Win is the best one of them. He is also a better business consultant and many top brands are being client of Mr. Shiv Khera. The

priya kumar seminar

Priya Kumar Seminar

Priya kumar is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, essence speaker and top rated indian author of many inspirational books. In her journey as a motivational speaker and author from india. Priya Kumar worked with many multinational corporates across the globe and also touched over millions of people through her dynamic and vibrant energy filled books and great workshops. She is only women speaker having these great success. The glimpse of her achievements

ts madaan seminar

TS Madaan Seminar

Tarvinder Singh Madan is a very experienced motivational speaker,  Life coach and keynote speaker.  He is also a great comedian, actor and sales trainer.  Mr Madan puts a very interactive, funny and inspiring conversations among their clients,  students and other attendees.  Due to their these intellectual properties he is usually guest of manh events and confrences. He is usually delivered dynamic speeches in a mixture of hindi and english languages. He

sandeep maheshwari seminar

Sandeep Maheshwari Seminar

Sandeep Maheshwari is a skillful motivational speaker. He is one of them who declined during struggle and delulge ahead for searching success.  He belongs to those middle class guy who struggled,  facing ups and downs of life and not having clear vision to ahead.  But that all are tought him true lessons of life.  Sandeep decided to drop out from the formal education and entered in another true and interesting  subject

yogesh chabria seminar

Yogesh Chabria Seminar

Yogesh Chabria is young and sparking entrepreneur of india. He has also positioned in top most bestselling author and influential speaker. Millions of people have benifitted from his business and life strategies. Yogesh Chabria providing their boostup, inspiring, enjoying dose through seminars,  books and programms. He is founder of “Happinoire” which is a leading successful system across the worldwide. His best leading success sratagies impacted millions of people all over the world.  He

deepak chopra seminar

Deepak Chopra Seminar

A hugely respected Indian born american author and experienced alternative -medicine advocate, Dr Deepak Chopra was born in New Delhi(British india). He is mind-body healing expert and renowned author to alternative medicines. In 1980 chopra became chief of staff at the New England Memorial Hospital. He resigned from that designation after becoming disappointed with western medicine and it’s credence on prescription drugs. Dr Chopra moved to alternative medicine in 1985

Swati Sachdeva Stand up comedy

Swati Sachdeva is indian Stand up Comedian, Live comedy with Swati Sachdeva show tickets, book now Swati Sachdeva Stand Up Comedy event, Swati Sachdeva show tickets available now, book online pass ticket for Swati Sachdeva show Stand Up Comedy.